A little bit of my story...


photo by the lovely Natalee Faith Photography

I started my adult life as a videographer at a big news station, but quickly realized I was craving more creativity and less drama in my life! So I rekindled with my passion for photography and dove in head first!

Alex and I live in Ardrossan (a tiny hamlet outside of Edmonton, Alberta) and our favourite part about our home is the nature that surrounds it. We get weekly visits from the local deer and moose and we'll often fall asleep to the howling and yipping of coyotes. 

We love roadtrips and camping. No location is ever too far... We've been known to drive 10 hours for 2 nights of camping at an amazing spot, just to drive back less than 48 hours later. We're no stangers to day trips to Jasper and we're always on the lookout for those off the beaten path wonders. Hello Lussier Hot Springs! We've also had our fair share of quick road side stop power naps and McDonalds parking lot cookouts with the campstove. #reallife

I am also an animal lover (I'm the one who stops to talk to the chipmunks and frogs on the trails) and adoptive mother of two cats (if you follow me on Instagram – more importantly my Stories) you will find a slightly alarming percentage of those posts are about them…but what can I say? They’re just so darn fluffy!

P.S.: My kitties are named Sammy and Luna. Luna, because she’s a little bonkers and sometimes I swear she can see the Nargles. Bonus points if you got the reference. I can already sense we’ll be friends.

Lover of: veggies // campfires // adventures // spontaneous road trips // almond chai lattes // mountains // travel // salt + vinegar chips // extra cheezy happy endings