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Rain on your wedding day: What do you do?

You will not melt… unless of course you’re the Wicked Witch of the West…

(and if that’s the case… can I get an autograph?!)


An important question anyone would ask when planning an outdoor event or gathering is, What if it rains?? So what DOES happen if it rains on your wedding day? Will everyone melt away? Will it ruin your entire day? Will all your photo plans fall through? A big fat nope to all that!

No matter if it’s a light drizzle or if it’s raining cats and dogs, rain on your wedding isn’t a curse… it can actually be a blessing! In some cultures, rain on your wedding day actually symbolizes good luck. The rain can be seen as cleansing or a renewal. The rain washes away all past bad memories or experiences and readies you for a great marriage, starting with a fresh clean slate! Others believe it to forecast (pun intended ;) ) a future with many children and a beautiful family! This comes from the belief that a well watered ground allows for a bountiful growth of plants and vegetation, thus, rain leads to fertility. Heehee

Whether you believe in these superstitions or not, trust me when I tell you that rain on your wedding day isn’t a bad thing! However, there are some things you can do to make the day even more pleasant for yourself and your guests if rain is the case. So here are my 5 tips for preparing for a rainy day wedding.

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5 Tips for Enjoying (and preparing for!) Rain on Your Wedding



Rain on Your Wedding Day


Number 1 :  What will you wear?

Yes, running around in the rain is so much fun! However, you also have to consider the rest of your day. Will you be comfortable for the rest of your wedding in a wet dress or suit? Probably not, so I suggest you bring a cute raincoat or umbrella. That way, you can still be running around in the rain (if that’s your thing!), without getting drenched. On the other hand, if you’re planning a short elopement on a lake side and don’t mind getting completely soaked while doing so, I’m seriously ALL FOR IT.

Pro tip: Ladies, make sure that your wet – probably white – dress won’t become too showy… if you know what I mean…

Shoes are also a consideration here. It can be really cute to change into rubber boots – or the like – under your wedding dress or formal wear. Consider these if you still want to take pictures outside and have dry feet for dinner.

Let the rain be your excuse to buy those cute, colourful booties you’ve been wanting or buy fancy matching umbrellas!


Number 2 : Your photos will be extra romantic and unique.

Is there anything more romantic that kissing and dancing in the rain? Think, Castaway or The Notebook…

Also, who else do you know has rainy wedding photos to hang on their wall?!


Rain on Your wedding


Number 3 : Embrace it!

This is a simple tip, but it’s what will make the biggest difference! Embrace the rain and don’t let it ruin your mood and everything will be just fine! Think about it, this day is about celebrating your love for each other and not any amount of rain can ruin that!

If your guests are freaking out about it, show them how exited you are and they won’t feel like they have to worry about it either.


Number 4 : Trust your vendors.

I can’t speak for every vendor out there, but most have already experienced a rainy wedding day and will know what to do and how to be prepared!

As for myself, here are a few things I always have with me in case of rain:

  • I have a special little rain coat for my camera that allows me to use it in any condition without worrying about the electronics.
  • I have a couple of plain, clear umbrellas in my car to match any wedding.
  • I also carry towels in my car to dry anything that needs drying or to lay down on a bench so you can both sit without getting too dirty or wet!
  • I also have a repertoire of backup indoor locations if it’s become too cold or if we’re done with rain and want to switch it up a little. Ultimately it’s your choice. :)


Rain on your wedding day: What do you do?


Number 5 : Have a backup… you know, just to be extra safe.

Rain is all fun and games until it turns into a hail storm, a lightning storm or a hurricane! Yeah, here in Alberta, we often get hail during the summer storms… and you don’t want one of those bad boys falling on your head.

So having a Plan B isn’t a bad idea either. However, it doesn’t need to be complicated or overwhelming either. A Plan B for portraits could be as simple as an empty level in a parking garage (see Jo-Lene and Mykel’s first look portraits!). Seriously, those can make for some beautiful photographs! It could also be a tiny overhang of the barn on your property or even a university building with lots of windows!


Bonus tip…

Have some extra umbrellas for your guests. If you plan on keeping your ceremony outdoors no matter if it’s raining or not, consider having some umbrellas for guests to use. Or, add a note in your RSVP to mention this so they can come prepared either way!


That’s it! Rain on your wedding doesn’t have to be scary or a bad thing! Don’t forget to have fun, embrace it and you’re in for a treat.









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