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Books that Shaped Me and My Business in 2016



Nobody ever said that running a business was going to be easy. Not only is the hustle real, with days spend in front of the computer and never ending to-do lists, the emotional side of things is also a challenge! Talk about an emotional rollercoaster, with very high highs and unfortunately some low lows.

Thankfully, I know that every business owner rides this rollercoaster…and one way I was able to keep trundling along without giving up, was knowing that simple fact…knowing that I wasn’t alone! The books, the blogs and the magazines that I’ve read over the course of this year really had a huge impact on this!

If you’re in the first years of your business or the in the tenth, these books are without a doubt a good read! Here is my top 5 for the year.


1. The E-Myth Revisited | Michael Gerber

This is the first book I read even before going full time as a business owner. It may seem like a small book, but it’s so jam packed with juicy information, I felt like I needed to highlight every single word! If you only have the time to read one book, this is the one.


2. Predictably Irrational | Dan Ariely

This book was filled with Ah-Ha! moments…Dan Ariely really makes you think and reflect on every single decision you’ve ever made. Not in a bad way, like making you second guess yourself, but making you aware of what shapes your day-to-day decisions. In turn, helping you as a business owner understand how and why a certain perspective client may choose or not choose your service or product over another.


3. Exposed: The Magazine | Jasmine Star

Jasmine Star is a professional, well know and loved wedding photographer in the States. I had been following a few of her courses on Creative Live (hint hint…another great resource for creatives!) and stumbled upon this magazine she published about her own business adventures. Even you aren’t a wedding photographer, the lessons here can be translated into any other business venture.


4. I Though it Was Just me (But It Isn’t) | Brené Brown

This book will help you realize that you are enough. Help you get rid of shame and in turn, helping you conquer your business and personal goals more effectively!


5. Grit | Angela Duckworth

If you’ve been stuck in a creative slump lately or if your motivation is feeling a little low, this book will get you up and running again in no time! Angela reveals the secret to achieving anything you set your mind to – and it’s actually quite simple.



My Top 5 Must Read Books of 2016 for the Entrepreneur

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