How I became a morning person



Let’s be honest here. I never used to be a morning person. I used to place my alarm clock across the room to force myself to actually get up to turn it off – but truth be told, that didn’t always work either. I either got used to the buzzing or I zombie walked my way to it, turned it off and then jumped right back into bed.

Does this routine sound familiar to you? Well for me, it only changed about half a year ago when I finally started doing what I love full-time. I suddenly had so much drive and motivation to get up and start my day that I actually began to enjoy being up with the sun. Kinda like kids on Christmas morning…without the half eaten cookies by the fireplace, but definitely with the fun pyjamas  I found a beautiful kind of peace being up with the birds and having the luxury to take my time in the morning instead of having that groggy rushed feeling to start the day.

Think about it, if every morning you start off on a bad foot, what tone does that set for the rest of your day? I’ve noticed that I have more energy and more motivation to do stuff now that I get up early! Sounds contradictory, but it’s true!

I’ve said this many times, but I’ll say it again – I truly believe that if you sincerely love what you do and what your day has planned for you (think, Christmas morning), you shouldn’t have a problem to get out of bed in the morning. Needless to say, there’s always space for small exceptions to any rule…vino nights, Netflix binge watching, slumber parties, etc.


The Night Before

There are so many articles out there telling us to not bring our phones in the bedroom. Reason being that most of us will spend another few minutes, or even hours on it, when really we should be getting our beauty sleep! I know, I know. But honestly, I love having my phone on my bedside table. I like to charge it there every night and I also love using it as my alarm clock. I’ve always really loved it as an alarm clock, but now I REALLY love the new Apple update that came with the bedtime feature. It allows me set how much time I want to sleep and then before going to bed, I tell the app what time it is and it automatically sets my alarm for 7 hours later. (I know, it’s easy to do that math on my head, but it’s still nice!). The other neat feature is that when the alarm goes off, it starts really softly and slowly gets louder and louder, so you never get that waking up with a jolt feeling. I always wake up with the feeling that I woke up naturally.


Getting up on the Right Side of the Bed

I then make a point to sit off the edge of my bed and think about what my day has waiting for me and I give myself a goal for the day. I then make a point to not look at my Facebook, Instagram, email, etc while still in bed. Because I will then end up just lazing in bed and next thing I know it’s been 1 hour and I’m still horizontal! I get up and check all my notifications over breakfast. These days, breakfast consists of a nice cup of coffee, an orange and apple slices dipped in natural almond butter .

I then love to take 45 to 60 minutes to chill, either to start a load of laundry, go for a light walk or to simply hang out with Alex and make a nice waffle breakfast. I now feel completely refreshed and ready to start the day.


The Working Day Starts

First things first. I start with taking a peek at my to-do list and figure out what needs my immediate attention. Even thought I work from home and I make my own schedule (that’s for another post!), I feel it’s still important to keep a schedule – simply to keep your sanity, to stay on track, to work efficiently and t0 not waste time (again, for another post!).


Be Easy on Yourself

Obviously we all have those days where things just can’t and don’t go as planned. Something will come up that will prevent all these perfectly orchestrated plans to actually happen, but I think that the important thing to remember is – as long as you have a plan and you are intentionally trying to follow it, that’s all that matters!

And hey, if one day here and there you just want to lay around in bed until 11, go for it! You know your day best than anybody else and if it allows for some sleeping in, I’m all for it!


How I became a Morning Person and my Self Care Morning Routine

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