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My MVP Tools

This mighty trio here are the must-haves that keep my business (and me!) going.
I wouldn't recomend anything that I absolutely didn't love! These ressources are the pina to my colada, the jelly to my peanut butter.
[ Looking for my complete list of must-have tools and gear? Find it below! ]


ClickFunnels is simple to use (yet very robust!), it has a beautiful and easy to navigate dashboard and it's my very favourite tool to boot! It helps me convert fans and followers into subscribers and buyers better than any other tool I've used before this one (*cough* Leadpages *cough*). On top of all that goodness, ClickFunnels has an integrated tool called Actionetics which allowed me to also cancel my ConvertKit account. I now have the power of ConvertKit and Leadpages (+ more!) wrapped up in one pretty package. It's the cat's pajamas, guys.


Dubsado is a client management system that will rock your socks off! With Dubsado, I can keep track of leads, clients, invoices, contracts, payments, receipts and even send out customized questionnaires and forms. Before Dubsado, my client info and documents were all spread out between Google Sheets, post-it notes and organizers... (sound familiar?!). If all that wasn't enough to convince you, the customer service at Dubsado is out of this world and they will always be there for you, no matter how silly your question (trust me, I've asked a TON!).


If the bees had knees, Asana would be the bee's knees. Asana is the very first app I look at in the morning (well, if I'm being honnest, it might be Instagram, when I'm still in bed, but let's not count that one...) and probably the last one I look at at the end of my work day. Asana is where I can track the progress of all my projects, to-do lists and goals. I can easily add due dates to everything and get an overview of what needs to be done each day in a beautiful colour coded calendar! Never wonder "what next?" anymore.

What if I gave you the EXACT list of tools, software and gear I use in my business?!

Well, you're in luck... Because I am! Get your hands on it here! In this jam-packed PDF I share with you everything that keeps my business running smoothly along with all the photography, audio and video gear I use and love! Last but not least, I list out my favourite game changing books and courses!


Finding Emilie's ebook was like a gift from heaven! haha
I started reading it and I think it’s amazing! It’s easy to understand, and it explains things in a very simple way! I tried reading and studying this before, but the information was usually too complicated and used a lot of terminology that I didn’t know.

- Marbri
I just went through Emilie's entire Ebook and it was such a great introduction to F/stop, ISO, and Shutter Speed! She explained things very clearly in a logical order, so thank you for putting it together!

- Ellie

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